RJ101 - Class Notes and Links will be posted on this page 

RJ101: An Introduction to Judaism from a Reform Perspective

This class (formerly called the “Jewish Information Class”) is intended for anyone wishing to learn more about Judaism. 

This class is a prerequisite for all conversion candidates, but open to anyone (Jewish or not) who wants to broaden their Jewish knowledge base.

We will cover six units: Holidays, Lifecycle, Liturgy, History, Texts, and Jewish Thought.

Topics are intended to stand alone--join for as many or as few as you wish.

If you are considering conversion, or have any questions, please
contact Rabbi Dressler at rabbi.dressler@templeisraellondon.ca.

Class dates have not yet been determined.

 Please contact the Temple Israel Office office@templeisraellondon.ca to indicate your interest in joining this class.

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