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At Temple Israel, we believe lifelong learning enhances every aspect of Jewish life.  The more we understand about our sacred texts, traditions, holy days and festivals, historical and contemporary scholarship, arts and literature, the better we will be able to make informed choices about our own practices.

We offer many opportunities for learning.

Shabbat Torah Study

clipart of torah (scroll)Enhance your Shabbat experience by studying the Parashah (Torah portion) of the week with Rabbi Debra Dressler and friends.  Join in an exploration of the text as we ask questions, discuss historical and contemporary interpretations, and debate its relevance for our lives. All are welcome!

The meeting time for Shabbat Torah Study varies throughout the year. Please check our calendar for the current schedule.

For resources for Torah Study, click here.


Shabbat Book Chavurah

The Temple Israel Book Club meets on various Saturdays at 2 pm. Everyone is invited to join the discussion, whether or not you are a regular attendee or have read the book. Bring your suggestions for future good reads. Snacks to share for tea time are welcome!

For details about what we’re reading for 2020-2021, click here.


Adult Hebrew Classes

hebrew text - Vav, Hey, Dalet, Gimmel, Bet, Aleph, Kaf, Yod, Tet, Chet, Zayin, Pey, Ayin, Samech, Num, Mem, Lamed, Tav, Shin, Resh, Qof, Tsade.It’s never too late to learn Hebrew! We offer Beginner and Intermediate Hebrew classes, with a focus on Hebrew used during prayer services and biblical Hebrew. New classes will begin this fall. To register your interest, please contact the Temple Israel office at


For more information about upcoming Adult Hebrew Classes, click here.

Lunch & Learn

LUNCH & LEARN - next to a fork and pen silhouetteBring your lunch and join Rabbi Dressler Wednesdays at noon, exploring current events as well as classic Jewish topics. Tea, coffee, and water will be served.

If you’d like to attend on a regular basis, please contact the office so we can email you updates and other information. Everyone is welcome!

For more information about current Lunch & Learn sessions, consult the Temple calendar..


Tuesday Topics

On Tuesday evenings, join Rabbi Dressler for additional adult learning on topics that will rotate based on student interest.

For details of the current class topics, consult the Temple calendar.


JEM @ the JCC
Jewish Educational Manna:
Intellectual Food for the Wondering Jew

Due to Covid-19, JEM is on hiatus. See Jewish London for more information.

Jewish Educational Manna logo - Intellectual Food for the Wondering Jew. All JEM programs are free of charge and open to the public. Mondays, 7:30 pm, at the London Jewish Community Centre.

Thu, 21 October 2021 15 Cheshvan 5782