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If you wish to donate to any of these organizations, see links below:

URJ disaster relief page is for US donations:

CCRJ donations page.

Jewish London

Jewish Federations of Canada

Red Cross Canada:


This is a charity in Etobicoke that has an A- rating on -- 99% of donations go toward their relief work.   They have a history of working in St. Vincent and other international  places:

Tikkun Olam – Helping to repair the world

Members of Temple Israel of London planting trees

The concept of tikkun olam or repairing the world through social action, is one of the traditional categories of tzedakah (righteousness and justice).

The obligation to repair the world emerges from various Jewish sources. Some, including many of the ancient prophets, see the obligation as originating primarily from the commandment to emulate God’s holiness, for, in their view, God is the model for human righteousness. Others see the obligation to engage in social action as arising chiefly from the Jews’ historical position as an oppressed people. Still others believe that engaging in acts of tikkun olam is the primary means of satisfying the need to create a sense of Jewish community and identity. However its wellsprings are conceived, tikkun olam is central to Judaism, and to our Temple Israel community

[Adapted from Adat Shalom]

Social Action at Temple Israel

Two Temple members holding up donated blankets for Share the Warmth

Social Action - Share the Warmth

Temple Israel’s Social Action Committee (TISA) participates in a broad range of activities to do our part toward tikkun olam.  Our programs address issues of hunger, shelter, and literacy within the London community.  We encourage interfaith harmony and mutual respect.  We provide information about how to assist with disaster relief in the wider world. Please join in on Social Action programs — they are not just for the committee — everyone is encouraged to participate.

Here are some of our Social Action programs:

  • Interfaith Food Sorts:  The first Wednesday of the month, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at the London Food Bank (926 Leathorne St).
  • Soup Group: We meet monthly to prepare homemade soup for Rotholme Women & Children’s Shelter
  • Temple Israel Knitters in support of Merrymount Children’s Centre & Share the Warmth
  • High Holy Day Food Drive in support of the London Food Bank
  • Interfaith Tree Planting
  • Share the Warmth Hanukkah Party
  • Tzedakah in support of local charities
  • And more!

Everyone is encouraged to participate in Social Action at Temple Israel. Most of our events are suitable for members of all ages.

For more information or to join TISA, contact Nancy Davis at

Please check the Temple Israel calendar for upcoming Social Action events and TISA meetings.


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