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Young woman holding large Sefer Torah with breastplate or shield


Brit Milah: The Torah commands Jews to circumcise newborn boys on the eight day of life. Rabbi Dressler can help parents understand the ceremony and put you in touch with a Mohel (ritual circumciser).

The Ontario Liberal-minded Association of Mohalim (OLAM) is a group of physicians, most of whose members are trained and certified by the Berit Milah Board of Reform Judaism. The Mohalim practice independently, in collaboration with the Reform, Reconstructionist and some of the Conservative Rabbis of Ontario. Visit here.

Baby Naming / Simchat Bat: The birth of a girl can be celebrated with a ceremony called a Simchat Bat. Rabbi Dressler can help design a ceremony to welcome your new daughter.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah: Translated as ‘Son / Daughter of the Commandments’, the bar / bat mitzvah marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. At Temple Israel, B’nei Mitzvah are celebrated by the entire congregation. Many of our Bar / Bat Mitzvah students are tutored through our Religious School. Rabbi Dressler can guide your child and your family through this milestone.

Temple Israel also offers Adult B’nei Mitzvah. Contact Rabbi Dressler for more information.

Wedding: A Jewish wedding is a joyous occasion, from the Ketubah (marriage document), to Kiddushin (engagement), Huppah (marriage canopy), Nissuin (marriage ceremony) and breaking of the glass. Whether the bride and groom are both Jewish, or are an interfaith couple, Rabbi Dressler can help you prepare for married life and conduct your ceremony.

Funeral: Judaism offers many rituals around the end of life. Rabbi Dressler can help you learn about our traditions, perform the funeral ceremony, and guide you through other meaningful Jewish practices.

For more information about Life Cycle events, please contact Rabbi Dressler at

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